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Picture from Fatehpur Sikri.

With his approach to four Indian provinces, Kristian Bertel depicts his journey in carefully selected series of photographs. Focusing on travel photography the photographs of the photographer are displayed in galleries on his website.

Fatehpur Sikri - the historical city
The first picture, above, is taken at the historical city Fatehpur Sikri, situated 26 miles west of Agra. Fatehpur Sikri was built in 1570 at the orders of the Mughal Emperor Akbar. The city is situated on the bank of a large natural lake, where the palaces of red sandstone are shining with its warmth. The historical city was constructed by Sikriwal Rajput Rajas last Emperor Maharana Sangram Singh beginning in 1500.

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You can experience the presence of history when visiting Fatehpur Sikri.

Surrounded by 11 km wall
Fatehpur Sikri sits on rocky ridge, 3 km in length and 1 km wide, and palace city is surrounded by a 11 km wall on three side with the fourth being a lake at the time. The picture of the girl with the yellow sari was a part of a larger group of people visiting Fatehpur Sikri.

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The Thar Desert of Rajasthan.

The Thar Desert
This large Thar Desert ecoregion lies to the west of the Aravalli Mountain Range in northwestern India and includes the deserts that cover portions of the Indian states of Gujarat, Rajasthan, and Punjab, as well as the Punjab and Sind in Pakistan.
The land of shifting sand dunes, broken rocks and scrub vegetation has the visitors in a state of great excitement because it is completely different from what they have been used to. Though the region is arid, there is no dearth of attractions. Three of the most attractive cities of Rajasthan, Jaisalmer, Jodhpur and Bikaner are a part of the Great Indian Desert.

The Great Indian Desert lies mostly in the Indian state of Rajasthan, and extends into the northern portion of Haryana and Punjab states and into southern Gujarat state. In Pakistan, the desert covers eastern Sindh province and the southeastern portion of Pakistan's Punjab province. The Cholistan Desert adjoins the Thar Desert spreading into Pakistani Punjab province.

Photographning people in India
Kristian Bertel is known for his vibrant, emotional and sensitive style of photographing people. He has been taking photograph since 2006 and has been a contributor to National Geographic Traveler with travel favorites. His work also appear on National Geographic Creatives and Natioanal Geographic Your Shot, where he is a contributing member. He works as a photographer and he is available for editorial assignments all over Europe, Asia, Africa and in the Middle East. For further information and inquiries please:
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